Ukrainian troops surrendering and leaving Severodonetsk after getting defeated


HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Web Desk News : Ukrainian troops are surrendering to Russian forces, apparently because of a lack of support from their commanders.A total of 41 troops have surrendered over a two-day period in and around what has become known as the ‘Gorskoe Cauldron’, and are urging their fellow soldiers to do the same in order to stay alive. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense,

the surrendered troops have complained that their commanding officers have deserted, that communication lines have broken down, and troop numbers are so low they have been left with no choice but to turn themselves over to the Russian military. The surrendered men stress that they have been treated well by their Russian captors,

and have been provided with food and medical assistance. A video of them has also been released by the Russian Ministry of Defense.The loss of the southeastern town of Severodonetsk is far more significant and symbolic to Russia. On Friday, Ukrainian forces were abandoning the town in the Luhansk region, after weeks of fighting.

Heavy Russian bombardment has destroyed almost every defence position of the Ukrainian forces in the area. It remained one of the few Ukrainian- controlled towns in Luhansk. The claimed Russian victory in Luhansk was so important to Moscow that it ordered the redeployment of its troops from the occupied southern region of Kherson, and the partially-occupied Zaporizhzhia.


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