The results of the 2022 Secondary Examination were released

HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty : The results of the 2022 Secondary Examination were released today. Arnab Gharai, the first Bankura student in the state in the secondary examination. Bankura district has always occupied a significant place in the field of education. This year also Bankura district has maintained its continuity. Arnab Gharai has bagged the first place in the secondary examination in the state.

He is a student of Ram Haripur Mission High School of Gangajalghati Police Station in Bankura district. His received number is 693. On the other hand, Jyotirmoy Mandal of Bishnupur High School has secured the seventh position in the secondary examination. His received number is 687. Among the happy family members and among the school teachers and friends. As soon as the family members heard this news, they were overjoyed and made the boy sweet.

Soham Naik has also secured the seventh position. He is a student of Harigram Goenka High School. On the other hand, Sinchan Dutt has secured the seventh position. He is a student of Bibarda Sachidananda Vidyapeeth High School. Eighth place went to two Brahmin Bose with his score of 686. He is a student of Bishnupur High School and Animesh Naik is a student of Bankura Indpur Goenka Vidyayatan School.

More than one student from Bankura district has secured ninth position in the state. Some of them are Swarup Karmakar Latiabni Region High School. Videsh Roy, Bankura District School. Parthiv Kotal, Lakshisagar High School. Anubhav Sen, Taldangra Fulmati High School. Soham Satpathi, Simlapal MM High School. Pratyusha Kundu got 84th position in the state.

The student house of Bankura Mission Girls High School is in Radhaballab Nagar area adjacent to Bankura Junbedia. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Baba Vibhas Ranjan Kundu is a chemistry teacher at Bankura Goenka Vidyayatan. Mother Tinku Kundu is a teacher at Depot Gora Primary School in Lalbazar. On the other hand, Soumik Dhabal, a student of Bankura District School has secured the tenth position.

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