Rare ‘Twin-Cyclone’ phenomena likely to occur this time in Bay of Bengal


HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Weather report : If the low-pressure area develops into a cyclone, it will be called Asani, which is a name given by Sri Lankan weather authorities. In Sinhalese, Asani means ‘wrath’, or ‘anger’. Meanwhile, heavy rains may start lashing Odisha from next Tuesday, May 10, while similar conditions are also to be expected in the neighbouring states of Gangetic Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

IMD officials said the low-pressure area would likely intensify into a depression by Saturday evening and into a cyclonic storm over the Bay of Bengal 24 hours later. It is then expected to continue north-northwest and near coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha by May 10. Asani is likely to make landfall between Visakhapatnam and Bhubaneshwar between May 10 and 11. Predictions also says that Cyclone in West Central Bay will touch Sundarbans and enter Bangladesh.

But most probably it will not be like that of ‘Amphan’ which caused much devastation last year. There will be thunder and lightning in south West Bengal but when will be the landfall take place, IMD still has no idea. Apart from that there is strange development of Twin-Cyclone this year. Not very common, such situation was last seen in year 2002. Apart from Aasani in Bay of Bengal there is cyclone-genisis in Indian Ocean.

Meteorologists says such phenomena happens due to Westerly wind Burst which goes clockwise in Southern Hemisphere. There will be competition for absorbing more and more moisture among these two Cyclones in coming days.


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