NRS Hospital’s Male Division Closed In Fear Of Corona Infection

HnExpress, 06/04/2020 Amrita Sikder, Kolkata : Suddenly NRS hospital’s male division closed in fear of Corona Infection. Becouse, NRS Hospital is paying for not taking proper protection. A person admitted in NRS Medical College and Hospital without knowing that he had Corona. Approx total 65 doctors and nurse gave him treatment now all are in Quarantine.


Government Health Department send them all Quarantine. That Corona positive patient died on haemophilia. Male CCU department of 140 beds is now closed. All new admission of patients has been stopped. This total 65 doctors and nurses will be examined who are in Quarantine. This is announced by honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.


Chief Minister against said that health of doctors and nurse are precious. At the same time she requested to all not to suppress any health issues. that patient initially admitted in male medicine department and after that he transferred to Critical Care Unit from Monday to Wednesday.



Within that time period doctors took his Corona test after his death his report become positive. All 65 doctors and nurses are sent for Quarantine immediately. The patient before admitting in NRS Hospital he visited SSKM, National Medical College and Beleghata ID.


Now health department is trying to find out how many more doctors and nurses were in touch with him. Beside these Corona death of this young man aged about 34, three more death case are there. But swasta Bhawan or Nabanno did not say anything about this cases.


So this three death cases are due to Corona virus or something other health issues is not clear. Last Monday Chief Minister said in press conference that presently 61 are confirmed case and three died in Corona in our state.

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