How many Sutapa’s has to loose their life for psychopath who doesn’t understand the meaning of consent?


HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Kolkata : Behrampur Case is classic example of hurt male ego ended up hurting innocent life. A jilted lover who brutally hacked a woman to death in front of her hostel in Berhampore on Monday evening was caught within a few hours due to prompt action by the police. But this hineous incident has left behind a some big questions for entire society : How many times Women have to suffer for psychopath lover’s misogynist mindset ?

And “When will Indian male society fully understand the concept of ‘mutual consent’? What basically happened : Sushanta Chaudhary (21) undergraduate student of Krishna Nath College in Behrampore is also a resident of Malda and reportedly had a relationship with Sutapa Chaudhary (20) a student of Berhampore Girls’ College. Sushanta used to force her to be in the relationship with him and had also attacked her earlier.

Sutapa had not responded to Sushanta’s overtures. To dissuade him, her father even approached the councillor of ward in Malda. Sushanta promised to her father that he would not disturb his daughter anymore. “There was a love affair between them, We deal with that rurally. I tell that boy you study now. Let my daughter study too. Stand on your own two feet. See you later. But the boy repeatedly threatened the girl. He used to blackmail her. Maybe there were pictures together.”

Says Mr.Swadhin Choudhury, A school teacher and father of slained Sutapa. Girl who was staying at a mess in the Gora bazar area in Murshidabad. Around 10 pm on Monday when she was returning to the mess, Sushanta Chowdhury attacked her. Sutapa was stabbed multiple times by Sushanta. A few local residents heard Sutapa screaming and rushed to the spot. But could not stop Sushanta as he threatened to kill them.

He had shown a pistol to the locals which was later found to be a toy. After stabbing Sutapa, the accused youth fled the Gora bazar area. Locals informed police and after hearing the details, cops promptly circulated the information and naka checking was started right away. Around 10 pm on Monday, while checking a light goods vehicle, cops spotted Sushanta and nabbed him. Sushanta had not changed the red shirt he wore during the crime, the police said.

Cops frisked his luggage and found the blood-stained dagger. Cops also came to know that after murdering Sutapa, he changed his apparels. Later he hired a car but after a few kilometers he got down from it. He changed vehicles thrice to evade arrest. Questions arose from the incident : While in custody Sushanta claimed that he had married Sutapa a few months ago at a local temple but his claims are yet to be confirmed. Here the big question is ‘does this anyway justifies the henious act he committed ?’

Or what kind of mideval mindset our youth still upholding ? in which there is no place of Women’s consent. Until and unless Indian Men understand the meaning and Significance of Women’s ‘No’ in relationship. No matter who she is. The notions of Toxic masculinity justifies this inability under the grab of passionate love, which is nothing but toxic and Mesogyny. Problem lies in society which glorifies such guys as true lover. There is no such thing as Psycho lover. Either somebody is psycho or He is lover. Because True love respects consent.


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