Figuring went wrong : Man lost finger in Jamaican Zoo by lion bite


HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Web Desk News : In front of the tourists, a zoo worker was repeatedly inserting his hand in the lion’s cage. But at the opportunity of his negligence, the hing lion suddenly bit that hand. The incident took place at a zoo in the Caribbean island of Jamaica recently. A footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.The video footage shows the zoo worker repeatedly harassing the lion by inserting his hand inside the cage.

Some of the boys next door were filming the incident again. At one point, the lion bit the man’s finger.The tension between the two sides lasted for some time. Once the lion let go of the finger, the man fell. It was later learned that the man had lost his ring finger in the incident. Speaking to the Jamaica Observer, an eyewitness said the man was misleading the audience.

He said that when it happened, it was as if the man was joking. I didn’t realize it was a serious matter. This is part of their job. “Everyone understands the incident when the man falls, “he added. After this incident, there was panic about taking care of the lions in the zoo.

In a statement, Jamaica Zoo authorities assured that the zoo is a safe place for both humans and animals.The statement expressed regret over the incident. “It’s an unfortunate event that should never have happened,” he said. They also informed about the medical assistance of that person.

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