A Old woman at 61 and husband at 24, wants a child this time

HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Web Desk News : The age difference between American couple Cheryl and Quaran McCain is about 36 years. This time she is interested in having children.Cheryl, 61, and Quaran McCain, 24, made headlines a few days back due to their unequal marriage. The age difference between a Georgian couple is about 36 years. But they have tied the knot by showing their thumb till this age gap.

The couple said that they want to have children at this time. Cheryl has 16 grandchildren. But with her new husband, she wants to have kids again, Cheryl said. The couple is yet to decide whether to adopt a child through surrogacy. According to Cheryl, Quaran wants to be a father, and she wants to be the mother of her child. That is why this decision has been taken.

Although many have raised eyebrows over Cheryl and Quoran’s relationship, both have claimed that their relationship is an expression of deep love. Their pair is also quite popular on the net. The number of ticket seekers is around 22 lakhs. The couple regularly shared various information about their sex life through the net. Their marriage ceremony was also telecast live on the net. Nearly 20,000 people watched their wedding live.

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