HnExpress Weather Report : Finally there is good news for the people of Bengal. Monsoon 2022 is coming in South Bengal. Meteorological Department has predicted rain in different districts of South Bengal in the next 4-5 days. Till two days ago, there was despair among the people of South Bengal. Why was it very hot on Saturday two days ago too? Excessive sweating, accompanied by moisture discomfort. It usually rains in different districts of South Bengal on 10th June and Kolkata on 11th June.

But this time he was not lucky. But finally the Meteorological Department gave the message of monsoon. Undoubtedly good news. The Meteorological Department has already given the forecast of rain. Meanwhile, the message of the arrival of the rainy season went. Monsoon will knock over most parts of South Bengal from next Wednesday to Thursday. At the same time, in all parts of North Bengal, where the monsoon has not yet entered, ie Malda and two Dinajpur will also receive rain.

In such a situation, it is expected that the monsoon will enter Kolkata in the same period. Meteorologists say that as soon as the monsoon starts moving towards South Bengal, it will also cover a large part of Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand. Monsoon will enter Bengal only after the monsoon winds become active. Monsoon winds entered North Bengal on 3rd June. But these eight days may have been 3 to 11, but the rain has not progressed much.

Kolkata has seen some on and off rainfall activities for the last week, these rains have mostly been light showers. Normal arrival of Monsoon over Kolkata is around June 11, coinciding with Mumbai’s date. Possibly, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal may have to wait a little this year for Monsoon to make an appearance, while on the other hand Monsoon is inching closer to Mumbai.Conditions are building on the either side of the coast, including West Bengal, and has already reached Sub Himalayan West Bengal.

For now, it will take at least about 4-5 days for Monsoon to reach Kolkata. The city may receive patchy rains for the next 2-3 days, but these showers will be Pre Monsoon showers. There is not much progress in the advancement of the monsoon. We see very slim chance of the monsoon arriving before July 14,” said G K Das, director (weather), Regional Meteorological Centre Kolkata.

After its early arrival in north Bengal, the monsoon has remained sluggish. Monsoon usually sets in Kolkata by June 12. The thundershower in the evening did not have much impact on the temperature.We expect a few spells of thundershowers in the next two to three days. The intensity of the rain is likely to be less and the hot-and-humid condition will stay.

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