Burrabazar road burst : another example of City’s crumbling infrastructure


HnExpress Bureau Report, Kolkata : Yesterday Water pipelines burst in the Burrabazar area at Raja Woodmunt Cops had to divert vehicles headed for BBD Bag from Howrah Bridge.Though KMC later repaired the pipelines and road, the late-night rain again damaged the road. This incident leads to a road cave-in and hitting traffic all through Saturday and Sunday.

As Road was blocked due to repair work, KMC workers had to divert vehicles in single lanes through two different thoroughfares, said an officer. Raja Woodmunt Street (N) usually allows vehicles from MG Road, Howrah Bridge, Strand Road towards Brabourne Road and BBD Bag. The Howrah Bridge Traffic Guard said they had to deploy extra men to carry out diversions.

A close look at the urban infrastructure in Kolkata reveals that due to lack of road space, along with surburban and metro railway projects criss-crossing the city, many flyovers, railway overbridges and elevated corridors have been built. There are multiple agencies managing these structures—

the Public Works Department, the Kolkata Metro Development Authority (KMDA), the Irrigation Department, the Kolkata Port Trust and the Railways. This often means that no one party can be held accountable for the sorry state of affairs. So the question is what is the present TMC government doing?

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