Another High ranking Russian Army officer died in offensive in Donbass


HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Web Desk News : Another Major General of the Russian Army has been killed in an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Kyiv has claimed that a Russian major general named Roman Kutuzov was killed in a battle in the Nikolaevka region of Ukraine’s Luhansk region, local media reported on Sunday. Major-General Roman Kutuzov was reportedly the chief of staff of the 29th Combined Arms Army.

According to a source-based report, Kutuzov’s vehicle was ambushed by Ukrainians as he died in a fight in Donbas.A Russian state media journalist, on Sunday (June 5), claimed that a Russian general was killed in eastern Ukraine. News agency Reuters confirmed the news citing a report published on the Telegram messaging app by state television reporter Alexander Sladkov. However, there was no immediate comment from the Russian defence ministry or any other official.

The Russian military has admitted that Major General Roman Kutuzov was assassinated in a post on social media. Earlier, Ukraine had claimed that five other senior Russian military officers, including a major general, were killed. Earlier on 26 February Russian Major General Andrei Sukhovtsky, on 7 March Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, on 11 March Major General Andrei Kolesnikov, on 15 March Major General Olev Mityaev and on 16 March Lieutenant General Andrei Mordov were killed.

According to the United Nations, 6,173 people, including women and children, have been killed and 5,014 seriously injured in Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive on 24 February. However, Ukraine claims that the actual number is several times higher.Kutuzov is the 11th general, but the first such high ranking army officer in more than a month. In addition, at least 49 colonels have been killed in the war with Ukraine.

Russia already classifies military deaths as state secrets even in times of peace and has not updated its official casualty figures in Ukraine since March 25, when it said that 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed since the start of its military campaign on February 24. Russia says it is carrying out special military operation, designed to demilitarise Ukraine and rid it of nationalists threatening the Russian-speaking population. Ukraine and Western countries dismiss Russia’s claims as a pretext to invade.

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