July 20, 2024

HnExpress Staff Reporter, Kolkata : The “Thai Festival 2019 ” on celebrated in Kolkata recently to present rich cultural heritage of people of Thailand. The fest was organised by the Royal Thai Consulate General, Kolkata in collaboration with Team Thailand and Indian private sectors partners. One day festival was great success as more than 2500 people visited the festival to explore Thailand. Not only Kolkatans, but are people from neighbouring states, like Odisha, Bihar, Assam, Sikkim even as far as Manipur, Mizoram visited the festival to discover Thailand which has historical cultural and trade ties with eastern states of India for over 1500 years .

Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) of Thailand together with Team Thailand organised —” Top Thai Brand 2019 ” business matching five day (13 – 17 March 2019 ) trade exhibition show casing household products, textiles, garments, fashion accessories, food products, health & beauty products at the same venue. The festival was live exhibition of Thai culture, cuisine, Thai art, Thai craftsmanship, Thai massage, Thai music, Thai dance show casing facets of Thai culture, tourism and hospitality. Consul General of Thailand Miss Sweeya Santipitaks stressed on people to people contact between Thailand and India.

Venus Asawapoom Deputy Consul General who prepared Thai Papaya Salad as well as Tapoica Balls with chicken filling. Traditional and rich Thai heritage costume known as ” Raja Pattern ” / ” King Rama V ” style were displayed by Ms. Venus Asawapoom & Mr. Nutt Svasti-Salee Consul and a few member of their team. Development of the dress has historical connection with India as King Rama V developed the dress after his visit to India in mid 19 th century as Crown Prince Chulalongkorn. The regal attire has closed neck coat as top, Dhoti as lower along with socks & boots as footwear. Style of wearing of pant style Dhoti connects to attire of Dhoti wear by millions in eastern India as well as north India.

Thai dance was presented by senior dance scholars from the Thai university. Thai flute performance was presented by Mr. Nutt Svasti -Sablee. The festival launched Thai Smile Airways flight between Bangkok -Kolkata & Kolkata -Bangkok by Mr. Jirachai Suthiyothin, Marketing Strategy & Analysis Director of the airline. “VISA -clinic ” was organised by Mr. Kasemsan Thongsiri Deputy Consul General to provide information to obtain /facilitate hassle free visa. Thai Festival was grand success as it not only showcased Thailand in its splendid best but also engaged visitors and inspired them to explore “Amazing Thailand”.

Photo credit : Press unit Thai Consulate

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