Roddur Roy arrested from Goa after disrespectful remarks against the CM Mamata Banerjee

HnExpress Bureau Report, Kolkata : After the ugly remarks on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Yesterday, YouTuber Roddur Roy was arrested from Goa. Later today, the police brought Roddur Roy to Kolkata.Roddur Roy was arrested from Goa yesterday for making obscene remarks on social media. This time the police brought him to Calcutta. He has been charged with multiple offenses including disrespecting women, inciting unrest and criminal conspiracy. Roddur

Roy will be taken to court tomorrow. There are cases against Roddur Roy in several police stations. The Roddur Roy was arrested from Goa on the basis of a case filed at the Hair Street Police Station.On the day he got down at the airport he was heard to say, ‘Keep distance. Don’t touch me. ‘ He did not answer any question of the journalists. According to police sources, Roddur Roy will be taken to Bankshal court tomorrow and the police will file an application seeking his custody.

Today he was brought to Calcutta from Goa via Mumbai. His plane landed in Kolkata at 8.40 am. He did not want to answer any question when he left at 9.30 am. It is learned that he will be interrogated in Lalbazar today. Trying to find out if there was any provocation or fuel behind his post on social media or if he posted it at someone’s direction. It is almost impossible that social media users are not familiar with the name Bengali Roddur Roy.

From insulting famous cultural figures to attacking the Chief Minister of Bengal in abusive language – such is the infamous Roddur Roy. His real name is Anirban Roy, but he started making videos using obscene language on YouTube and Facebook under the name Roddur Roy. Rodoor Roy was arrested two days ago by Kolkata Police from Goa. Since then, the personality dominated on social media is once again in the headlines. Roddur Roy’s pocket is just full of notoriety.

Roddur Roy’s bank account from that video full of filthy, inaudible language. According to many, Roddur Roy has chosen this path to increase his popularity and income rapidly. Actually, the number of ‘views’ of Roddur Roy’s video full of humiliation is commendable. Not only Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore have all attacked Rodoor Roy with abusive language.






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