HnExpress Mayank Chakravarty, Barasat : As a prelude to world tobacco day observed on 31st May. Narayana Superspeciality Hospital and Indian dental Association observed a awareness initiative of awareness campaign against Tobacco consumption. IDA sumbit a memorandum to West Bengal Government against ‘Tobacco Epidemic’ and demanded stricter implementation of Anti-tobacco consumption laws in state.

According to doctor Suman mallik “Some customs and addictions prevalent in state are few major causes behind increased cases of mouth cancer.” Meanwhile Doctor Raju Biswas also added “Every cigerette smoke reduces life span by 11minutes. Consumption of Tobacco and Nicotine are basically one of the Biggest threat to Public health.”

Both the organizations decided to run a long term awareness program consisting of series checkup and health talks. “We are extremely serious about prevention of this issue. We will spread this Anti- Tobacco message in state to all” commented Mr. Rakesh Verma, faculty director of Hospital. During the press confrence Survivors of Tobacco and Necotine were presented and honoured as an example.

Khrishna Chandra Ghosh, Amit Kumar Dey and Kabita kheto from survivors shared their experience of winning over thier tobacco addiction.
All of them credited Narayana Super speciality Hospital for their excellent treatment of Oral cancer.

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