HnExpress Sitaram Agarwal, Kolkata : In the wake of the third wave of the Covid pandemic Metro Railway has intensified the ‘No Mask, No Metro’ awareness campaign at different North-South and East-West Metro stations. In this campaign, all Metro users are being requested by on-duty RPF and Metro staff to show awareness and follow all Covid protocols in the Metro in order to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Yesterday, RPF staff conducted a campaign at Masterda Surya Sen, Netaji, Dumdum Metro stations as well as inside the running trains to spread the message of Covid awareness. Regular announcements have also been made at all stations requesting commuters to follow all Covid Protocols.

Metro Railway has been trying hard to creating awareness among Metro commuters about maintaining the Covid protocols. Metro users have lauded this effort and have been co-operating with Metro Railway. This information was given by Metro Railway officials.

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