HnExpress 03/06/2019, Amrita Sikder, Kolkata : 1st June 2019, under Midnapore district “Christian Samaj” organised a “Shanti Utsav 2019” for peace and freedom of all human beings. Rev. Subhash Patra and Pastor Subhashish Gayan of “Midnapore Christian Shanti Utsav committee” organised this program to spread the message of peace from Vidyasagar Shanti Mandir hall, near hospital more at West Midnapore.

Agapey Fellowship team and Dr. Mohsinhan Murmu and his team delivered a beautiful Christian prayer song. Christian brothers also played for human society and spread message of Holy Bible. But there was no religion bar to join this program and peoples from different religion and cast attend the same with love and respect. Brother Maloy Das was in the campaign.

According to “Midnapore Christian Shanti Utsav committee” they say to press media, that this programme organised to spread the message of unlimited love and peace of Lord Jesus. They also said that this is the first year of their journey and they will spread this message of unlimited love and respect in all the district of West Bengal.

Lastly, Pastor Shuvashish Gayan said, that today’s Milan festival is all over organized from the beginning to the end, we have organized all over the Christian faith responsibilities so that the great purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ is achieved between God and all human beings.


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