July 20, 2024

VLCC hosted its annual event ‘Transformation show 2018’ in Kolkata


HnExpress Subhabrata Mukherjee, Kolkata : In India when its about beauty and wellness the first name that comes to our mind is VLCC. A beauty and wellness company that transformed the whole concept of beauty in India recently hel their 3rd edition of annual event in Kolkata. The annual event stage shared the inspiring transformation stories of 50 people including journey to wellness, weight loss, grooming and better health.

The show had a ramp show in its line up where awards were given to three categories and to winners of sub-categories including best transformed, best skin, Mr.VLCC, Ms.VLCC, Ms.Congeniality, Ms.Best smile and so on. The VLCC night awarded 14 winners.The programme was graced by the presence of tollywood actress Nusrat Jaha, Srabanti Chatterjee,cricketer Ranadeb Bose, Dr.Raghuvanshi (ceo,Woodlands Hospital), Sayantan Sarkar (eminent fashion designer).

Mrs.Vandhana Luthra (founder ,VLCC) said on the occassion said ” It is a momentous occassion for all of us as we witness the transformation of so many real-life herores and heroines. VLCC has been offering hollistic wellness to commoners for over 3 decades.We have developed some latest and superior technology for body weight loss,body shaping and contouring including coolsculpting.”

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