“Torture for demanding dowry against a married woman”

HnExpress 27/08/2020, Amrita Sikdar, Kolkata : “Torture for demanding dowry against a married woman”. FIR has been lodged by Kumari Sagarika Adhikari for her sister Dipika Adhikari. Deepika Adhikari solemnised how marriage with Arkadip Chakraborty on 24.01.2018, as per Hindu customs over a false commitment that his husband has his own company.

Arkadip chakborty receive cash Rs.45000, gold jewellerys, utensil and furniture at the time of his marriage. Immediate after the marriage Arkadeep Chakraborty and his family start torturing for demand of dowry to meet all debts made by them in market. Father of Deepika adhikary gave 35000 in the year 2019 accelerate the greed of dowry as per report.

And then Deepika adhikary returned her maternal home for excessive torture. But Deepika Adhikari went back with his husband after getting a false hope that she will not be tortured by her husband or any one of his father-in-law. On 21st August 2020 Deepika Adhikari brutally tortured and harassed at midnight approx night 1 p.m.

By her husband Arkadip Chakraborty, her mother-in-law Gargi Chakraborty, and by her brother-in-law Sandeep Chakraborty. They tried to kill her for Rupees 1 lakh on as dowry.

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