“This Time Corona Virus took away the life of A Bengali Journalist”

HnExpress 01/01/2020, Amrita Sikdar, Web Desk : Currently this time Corona Virus took away the life of A Bengali Journalist. It is beyond imagination that senior Bengali photo Journalist A High Swapan died due to corona virus attack. He has been suffering from illness for a long time. He was residing at America, but he wanted to come back in his own country Bangladesh. After coming back he had a plan to transplant his kidney in India.

But corona virus snatched the life of senior Bengali Journalist Swapan High. Nobody thought about the death of him due to corona virus attack. The condition of United States of America is very dangerous due to this corona virus attack. He died at Queens Hospital in New York. This senior Journalist admitted in the hospital for his dialysis.

His friends of Bangladesh and of other different neighbour countries where working on raising fund for his treatment. But he will come positive after Corona test and medical team fail to save his life. He worked as film Journalist in Bangladesh Bangla Bazar, Manav Janan and others television. Swapn’s death has been confirmed by his older brother, expatriate Abdul Matin.

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