Speeding car that triggered Namazis into violence in Delhi arrested


HnExpress Staff Reporter : In East Delhi, on the occasion of Eid, a speeding car had caused Namazis to riot and damage public property.

It was rumoured that 17 Namazis were injured which turned out to be completely false.

The Police had been searching for the driver of the car, now he has been arrested as per Raj Shekhar Jha of Times of India.

Shahrukh is an auto-lifter who was fleeing on a stolen Honda City. According to the Police, he was driving in an extremely rash manner. Contrary to several media reports, no one was injured.

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People are angry and disappointed over the fact that no arrests have been made in the matter of rioting.

Videos had gone viral on social media which showed Namazis damaging a public vehicle.

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