HnExpress Amrita Sikdar, Kolkata : The Sabujbangla Rural Welfare Society of Panchpota, Dhalua Kali Mandir, Garia Startion, Kolkata -700152 formed with a view to work on Environment, Women, Child, Cultivation and Self Help Development. The Self Help group members are trained from Sabuj Bangla Rural Welfare Society to aware all the consumers of West Bengal for distribution of consumable product including vegetables through Self Help group members.

This program is based on the concept of Our respected Chief Minister of West Bengal, after that the concept of this program executed by the local M.L.A and President, Secretary of Sabuj Bangla Rural Welfare Society.

It will also be a good source of income for young generation of this area so it will be beneficial for those who are fighting against unemployment. It will give benefit in long term. The Sabuj Bangla Rural Welfare Society invite all the people to Success this program for distribution of Consumer product including vegetables etc.


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