“National Christian Council held its West Bengal State chapter launched in Kolkata”

HnExpress 25/05/2019, Amrita Sikder, Kolkata : National Christian Council hell is West Bengal State chapter launched in Kolkata on 25th may 2019 at BMS Conference Hall in Kolkata. Several Denomination were presented and participated in the launch. Dr Sam Paul founder & President was the chief guest on the occasion. He said “we appeal that the new Central Government will rule with wisdom with a sense of deep commitment to uplift the downtrodden of our society to see maximum funds are planned.

And spent on eradication of poverty eradication of Hunger, aiding farmers in their work, creating employment opportunities to all and propelling the Nation to become a developed country in the comity of Nation’s and will not fan any e will towards any. He also said that he will welcome with joy the recent public statement of Miss Mamata Banerjee, The Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal that she regrets that she is not born as Christian. He thanked her generosity of thought and appreciation of the service of the Christian community and her statements increase resolve to serve more.

At the same time I requested madam to start West Bengal State Christian minority Finance Corporation to assist the many Christian in the cities and mainly in the rural West Bengal India Education and in other area of development. Suddenly he requested madam to initiate service awards in the memory of Mother Teresa and William Carey for all the society that do a big service activities or contribute significantly in West Bengal literature and arts in the modern day.

The wonderful and laborious pioneering work of the father of modern mission William Carey comes refresh to our mind. His brilliance in in learning several language including Bengali and translating the Bible into them and introducing the first printing press to India and founding now Serampore University e by the trio and the social reforms that he was instrumental in inspiring leaders of his day like evolution of Sati, remarriage of widow and so on so forth. the all-time one of the best example of Christian faith in service our great Mother Teresa. She served in Kolkata and inspired the country and many other world to come it to you selfless service and to speak as lists or any as much as needed but do more of service to the needy, the destitute and the the dying as service done to the Lord himself. NCC and its wings are based on the philosophy of Mother Teresa service to be the voice of the voiceless in empowering them in their right and in helping them to help themselves.

Now every member of NCC involved in position at state level aur in a wing of NCC West Bengal or in a district level chapter. NCC is a human rights movement and would like to state that the first book of Bible Genesis chapter one is the basis of all human activities. When any individual suffers Human Rights abuse it is is the grieving creator God and so our resolve to assist Dev is stronger and deeper. In the human rights award specialisation is to ensure rights of freedom of expression and freedom of Faith. Though the right to life and right to freedom from hunger and right to have a moderate shelter maybe counted as primary rights that right to freedom of choice is an important right and a very basic one too. If the freedom of choice is curtailed the very existence of democracy is in threat. NCC reforms form Kolkata today that they will uphold the freedom of choice to all men and women of this country true freely believe the choice of God and freely worship.

There should be free thinking in in letting the Christian minorities to do their service activities to the marginalised and most needy of our nation and serve to develop them socially economically and spiritually. This commenration of Mother Teresa and William Carey will be a great blessing of the state and encourage the new generation to serve in their paths. The new NCC West Bengal team that was launched include: Rev.Arpan Rana, state secretary,MS Indrani Sengupta state media wing president, Mrs. Simmi Rana, State children wing President and several others. Rev Dr.Emmanuel Singh the NCC West Bengal State president thanked the leaders that participated in the launch conference.

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