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“KARUKATTA ONDO ” celebrated by Japanese residents in Kolkata to pay respect to the souls of ancestors of Japanese people in India. Karukatta Ondo also known as Kolkata Ondo is traditional ritual dance form of Bon Odori performed to give send off to souls of ancestors is more than thousand years old.

Karukatta Ondo was performed as a part of the 34th In-Nichi Bunkasai, an Indo-Japan cultural program was organised by Nihongo Kaiwa Kyookai Society (NKKS) on 16 March 2019 ,in collaboration with Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata. Bon Odori is performed across Japan and each has its own distinctive flavour. In Japan, Obon is celebrated from mid July to mid August when it is believed that the soul of the ancestors return to the Earth . A memorial service is held to honour the soul of the departed ancestors and then Bon Odori is held to send off the departed soul.

Karukatta Ondo was created 30 years ago by then Japanese school teachers using traditional Japanese instrument. However, this unique intangible heritage of Japan in Kolkata got lost in time but redis covered recently. Around 15 Japanese nationals performed the dance wearing “happi” coats. Men & Women performed together. Consul-General of Japan in Kolkata, H.E. Mr. Masayuki Taga, mentioned that this ‘Bunkasai’ is not by professional musicians or dancers but by the common people who come together to put up cultural performances, so that one feels the warmth of home.



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