July 20, 2024

Kailash Barman, the bright star of Rajbangshi society


HnExpress Paul Maitra, Special Report : On November 28, 1996, Jalpaiguri was born with a crown of talent at his mother’s house. The mother used to break her bones after months of labor and kept the boy in her uncle’s house. Reading the Angola Language Board School in collaboration with uncle is started. As soon as Kailash grew up, he started thinking about doing something to the society. Nalini Ranjan was admitted to the fifth grade in the secondary education center after completing primary education.

He remained at the fourth place in the school, Kailash. Later, Nathuahat Ashram Government has passed Secondary Secondary School in Sposerge High School and then passed the Higher Secondary with 60 percent marks to highlight the faces of the people in the area. Then, in college, one of the first year students in the state science department was Kailash. From childhood, lack of urgency and poverty were the last days.
Only due to the absence of poverty, the education of Kailash reads through the collapse and the college remains incomplete. Then, after struggling with poverty, to start owning CRRO in Hinduja Global Solutions, a company in the BPO sector, Koliash started working in Central India Power Project Limited. But he did not even bother to do that because he is not able to do anything for the society if he is able to do the job. Kailash associated with Karat from a very early afternoon.

The strategy of self defense is that he started learning from a small level. Kailash Barman said, “I want to do something with the society, through Karate, to the society, I have also been known as National Judge with the second level backbelt. “At present, there are hundreds of students studying in hundreds of schools and institutes and they are learning karate with me with healthy morale and confidence. I started protesting to fight against poverty and dream of forming a rape-free society, and so many times. Some miscreants attacked the darkness of the night, but I mean the rate near this carpet strategy. There have been threats of murder, but ignoring those and conquering the fear, they have been trying to do something to the society by doing charat. I want to do a lot of things to stop the money, my dream is to do the latest rightbucklet in Japan from Karate, I want to introduce myself as a best coach, as well as government financial support is very much needed and if I get it, I will be able to do something for society and karateakadera, finally the world Let all the karate co-workers and lovers of sincere salute. Pralay De Sarkar, President of SSKA, with bright stars of Rajbangshi society (SSKA), said, “Karate is not only for physical education, it is an art of creating life.

It is possible to create a good citizen through a carat. “Besides, Soumak Pal, a student of Karate, said,” I love Karat very much, it has increased self confidence in my own self. I think every man needs to learn from karate. “On the other hand, District Chief Patron Dr. Krishna Dev said that in the national sports map of this country, when it took place in the national sports map, in our national and state level sports competitions, the place should be given to the karate.

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