“Good Friday wishes and message by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi”

HnExpress 16/04/2020, Amrita Sikdar, Kolkata : “Blessing of Lord Jesus will help to make corona virus free world- ” prayed and message by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He wished all Indian in Good Friday and Ester Sunday. He made us remember the sacrifices of Lord Jesus, and mention the bravery and Justice of Lord.

Modi ji said all should remember and commit justice towards honesty as instructed by Lord Jesus for human well being. This thing will help to construct a new beautiful healthy corona free India with the blessing of Lord Jesus. Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Lord Jesus and his death of Calvary.



All people of Christian and non Christian community celebrate this day every year in India and beyond India. But in this lockdown time all celebrated Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday in their own house. All rituals are performed with without making any crowd.

No Of Christian community made any public gathering and all of them played at their home by maintaining all the instruction given by government. It is also instructed by Holy Bible to maintain and perform all the instruction of government. All the Christians and non Christians who have faith in Lord Jesus prayed for a for corona free India form all places of India.

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