HnExpress Arjun Krishna Sikder, kolkata : Today “Swastik Flat Owners” association 1st time celebrating, the 70th republic day of India from the Dr. Lal Mohan Bhattacharya Road, 55no ward, Kolkata. The associat not yet registered under the government. But they have feature plan to celebrate all of the national program and do some sosial work for the lagging people.

Their potential members is Babul Dasgupta, Ranjit Das, Amit Dasgupta, Sanjeeb Singh, Bijali Dasgupta, Arun Pal, Tapon De and few more . In the morning, Shrimati Gita Das, Councilor of kolkata 55no. Word Arup Das and his son Sankar Das inaugurated the ceremony with the hoisting of the flag. Hopefully proper authorities will register the “Swastik flat Owners” as soon as possible.

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