ER’s Jan Andolon campaign on Covid  Appropriate Behaviour in the New normal in different station premises

HnExpress 22th November, Sitaram Agarwal, Kolkata : Eastern Railway organised elaborate Jan Andolan campaign to spread the message of COVID Appropriate Behaviour on “Unlock with Precautions” in the New Normal. Campaigns are conducted in all the Divisions, Workshops and Headquarters Offices with mounting of posters spreading the message of awareness, playing of jingles and public announcements through public address system and distribution of awareness building leaflets.

All in stations, trains and office buildings. Social media is also used extensively to disseminate the message of COVID Appropriate Behaviour utilizing all facets of the media. Video walls of major stations are also used for campaign purpose to create public awareness & public opinion. ER staff in different locations have taken pledge towards COVID Appropriate Behaviour and have taken the oath to spread the message in their own locality.

With the introduction of EMU trains, Jan Andolan Campaign has achieved a new magnitude with mounting of awareness building posters, playing of jingles and public announcements and distribution of pamphlets among commuters to constantly motivate them to observe COVID Appropriate Behaviour. Passengers are requested to maintain COVID-19 health & hygiene protocol, and to avoid overcrowding, maintain physical distancing use mask and face  covers as mandatory, carry hand sanitizers and not avail train journey if they feel physically unwell.

The EMU locals and station premises are cleaned & sanitized every day and passengers are requested to maintain sitting discipline of availing alternate seats during journey. The passengers are urged upon to continue patronage as they did in maintaining COVID appropriate behaviour and be safe and motivate others to be safe in resisting COVID-19.

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