“Distributing food and drinking water with a smile among helpless people”


HnExpress 07/05/2019, Amrita sikdar, Kolkata : The funeral work of football player and football coach late Chandan Basu of muragachha, teghoria naya Shashi Bhushan High School. Where almost full meal of 50 to 60 people remains extra in this funeral work. Sri. Sayantan Bose son of late Chandan Bose took a wise decision and didn’t waste the food and distribute the food among the poor people of Barasat platform number 1 with a smile in his face.All the members of “Madhyamgram Amar Tomar” social media group of Madhyamgram health on this food distribution after a very busy work schedule. food packet distributed between all the poor and needy people. It is to be mentioned here Mohammad Rafiq is one of the famous footballer of Kolkata today is the student of late Chandan Basu.Late Chandan Basu was the football teacher of “Netaji Sangha”,”Sodepur club”. He was the teacher of so many newcomer football player. This famous teacher lost his life in his short lifetime due to Cancer. But he will live in all the hearts of his All students for his social work.Priyanka De and other members of “Madhyamgram Amar Tomar” social media group show respect towards Shri Sayantan Basu and his father late Chandan Basu. Yesterday all the work completed very nicely with the help of all the people. In upcoming days “Madhyamgram Amar Tomar” members of social media group promised to do more social welfare work to construct a beautiful society. The slogan of this media group is “Kothai noy Kaje achi”.

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