“Conspiracy to fill up pond by throwing waste of Amta Bazar”


HnExpress Amrita sikdar, Kolkata : A pond being plot number 853 and khatian number 1531 at Saavdhan side of Amta Bazaar. This conspiracy of filling up pond is coming last form few years. This phone is under control of malai Chandi Estate.

There is a provision under article 51 A of constitution of India which deals with fundamental duties of a citizen of India and under clause g of this article says” to protect and improve the natural environment including forest Lake river and wildlife and to have composition of living creatures”.

Apart from that this feeling up ponds and or lake which causes pollution without taking permission from proper authority is a punishable offence under environment law and water (prevention and control of pollution) act 1974. It should be stopped by proper authority otherwise it will cause huge pollution in all respect of water air and soil.

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