Cinnamon and Nestle nangrow present “Vikas For Special Kids”


HnExpress : 24/03/2019, Amritea Sikdar, Kolkata : Cinnamon media and events with its wide experience in holding events and activities with kids will be organising a carnival for kids this March with the kids but the event will be done with a difference. there will bond between the so-called special children and other children this will be an inclusive even for all the children of God.

This event will be the specially abled children as participating along with other children with a view not to separate so called specially able children with and other childrens. This event has a message that there is nothing called Special children. Actually society has created a separate idea for them and try to keep them separate from the main stream of our society.

But they got involved along with other kids and treated as equal. The parents of these kids are given the platform to share this experience. The goal of the organiser is to make others understand that all the childrens are gift of God. We have no right to treat some of them differently because we do not understand them.

It is we who are different for them. But we have no right to seclude them. There are some competitions like sit on draw, 3 minutes to Fame, go as you like etc. All major school have been invited for participation.

Workshops on digital detoxification the the professional speaker Udita Boral, psychologist and counselor workshop on healthy growing up and professional speaker over this matter Dr. Abhijit Saha Chowdhury, Doctor Sayantan Banerjee and Soumya Jotyi Sen (Director of Cinnamon Media and Event) will be present in this events.

This cinnamon media & events is a communication agency. And mainly into advertising, events and flim productions basic. With its 14 years experience cinnamon media and events has done several unique and out of the box events which are conceptualized and organized by the team. The creative team of cinnamon has a strong creative base and can delivery in a jiffy. The director of the cinnamon media and events is sri. Soumya Jyoti sen.

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