HnExpress Staff Reporter, Kolkata : Hemant Marda Vice President of Purva Kolkata Maheshwari Sabha briefed the Media about the Gangour Function. Celebrities –Loopamudhra Mondal, Abijit Basu (Music Director). Tejas Gandhi (Fashion Desinor), Suvonita (Model) etc & Many others from Political & Social fields attended the festival.

The 2nd days celebrations begins on 7th April by Gangour puja by Smt & Shri Ghandsyam Bhaiya and followed by songs & Bhajans of Rajasthan by Satnaryan Tiwari at Jagdamba Udyan. The enthusiasm of Ram Rathi, Banwari Bahety, Manakchand Rathi, Bhagwati Mundhra, Rajendra Bhutra, Ghanshyamadas Manihar helped in preparation of Gangaur festivel.

Manju Jhawar, Anita Rathi, Kamala Bahety, Renu Bahety put a lot of contribution in decorating the beautiful image of the mother. Mother is placed in a beautiful pavilion which is created with a active work of Dev Kishan Rathi, Dinesh Mascara, Mahendra Agarwal, Rajendra Bahety.

The Gangour song’s lyrics and Music direction is done by Smt Shashi Kothari and assisted by Vineet Kothari, Srikishan Binani, sangeeta Daga and singers team includes Rajkumar Dujari, Giriraj Kothari, Vijay Ojha, Ajay Garg, Kishan Daga, Vinita Bandar, Veena Bhaiya, Rashmi Pacshia, Sunanda Kothari and Chandni Sharma.

After that there is a from of self -interest and everyone enjoys deliciously tasty food. The beautiful arrangement of food is very systematic in the care of Brij Gopal Bagri, Deepak Mundhra, Devakishan Rathi and Rajesh Chandak.

On the second day of the ceremony, worship of Mata Gawraja – Archana begins in the morning. The appearance of women is seen only. Beautiful women dressed in costumes come from Pandal in the morning. Sunita Baheti, Rajkumari Damini and Leela Manihar and many other female members volunteers for the management of puja.

In the evening, Garvara mother rides in a chariot equipped with flowers. Mother’s ride comes out with full music. The proper arrangement of Mother’s Ride is taken care by Ajay Mohta and Mayank Bahety. There is a rush to see the mother on either side of the road. It is an impression that the real mother is relying on Dhara. When the rath reaches in front of the house of our Sanrakshak Late Jeevan lal bahety. The bahety family and friends smt Ratan Bahety, Sanjay Bahety, Shobhana Toshniwal welcomes everyone with a Beautiful fireworks make the atmosphere vibrant.

Song: Gunjan is energized all over the world. Riding between one place and two in the middle, Ride goes to Bhaiya Chowk, where Gangaur Mata, Isardas and Ganesh are placed on stage at the square and the program of song Gunjan starts. Here, Ghanshyamadas Bhaiya and all his family members are made to look after the guests. The participation of Kishor Shah, Bimal Jhunjhunwala, Ashok Agarwal and Pawan Kanoi make this program a success.

The beautiful image of the mother is settled in the mind and goes away from each other. PKMS President Suresh Jhawar, Secretary Manmohan Bagri, the former President Bhanwarlal Rathi, Gopal Das Damani & Om Rathi put their whole hearted efforts for the function.


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